Interwoven3: New Plateaus, panoramic view of the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center’s Gallery and Gift Store. View a video of the exhibition >>


Technical director, Ramon Cerna, talks with Anne Bullock about the exhibition. He set the show beautifully in the MLMAC gallery.

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Sally Bags I-IV              36 x 23.5”                acrylic, panel

The community-based Ititamat Series, III, was recently featured in Interwoven3: New Plateaus at MLMAC. See more >>

I am a mixed media artist inspired by art of early peoples, especially around the Northwest Plateau and Columbia River regions.

I am curious about the question, “What is art and what is artifact?”

Fragments with Gold Leaf Rims

36 x 28”                   pit-fired shards, panel

Work Available

CGDC, Study VII   

20 x 32”                     mixed media, paper